Performing multiple actions reduce the die a number of shifts equal to the amount of actions that are performed. In theory, this could allow a use of the same skill multiple times, and limit the amount of times based on the skill level of the user. A check cannot be reduced to below d4. This would also limit what skills a person could perform in a multi-action.

Example: A hero with a d8 in shooting, could fire once with a d8, twice with a d8 or three times with a d4. If this expanded to supersede the traditional multi-action penalties, a character with a d8 in shooting and a d6 in throwing, could perform both actions with a one-shift penalty. Thus, the shooting would be made at d6 and the throwing at d4. However, he could not perform any additional actions, as he cannot lower his throwing beyond a d4. He could perform three skills that were d8 (or more), with a two-shift penalty,etc.

If applied to multi-actions this could limit the use of weaker skills and eliminate untrained skills altogether.

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