Unless a called shot is made, all attacks have a random chance to hit any body location. If that body part is damage, it affects the character accordingly.

When a character is attacked, the attacker rolls a d10 and consults the area affected below. Only armor relevant to that area are used to offset the damage. If the attack is successful, the opponent is damaged in that region.

D10 Area Affected
1 Leg, Left
2 Leg, Right
3 Arm, Left
4 Arm, Right
5-9 Torso
10 Head

Roll damage normally, modified by the armor protecting that area. If the opponent is damaged, the applied penalty only affects the skills and statistics relevant to the use of that area. A dose of common sense should be used to determine what should be affected, but ultimately, it is up to the GM.

Area Affected Examples of affected Statistics
Legs Movement/Pace, Agility, Athletics
Arms Fighting, Shooting, Throwing, Athletics, Strength or Agility
Torso Most physical Traits and Statistics
Head Smarts, Notice, Charisma, Knowledge

First aid is now applied to specific areas, and only the penalties for that area affect the check. If a character has two wounds, one to his arms and one to his legs, only the penalty to his arms would be applied to the Healing check for that area. A second check (with the other penalty) would be made to that second affected area to treat that injury. Each attempt to heal an area will consume a use of a healing kit.

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