Combat-Ammunition Use

To simplify the expenditure of ammunition eliminate the tracking of individual shots fired, all firearms have a volume of ammunition that they can carry in a magazine (or similar), based on their weapon type. Each time the weapon is fired, there is a chance (modified by how the weapon is being fired), that the volume of ammunition is depleted to the next lower level, when the last level is expend, the weapon is out of ammo and needs to be reloaded. This option allows a greater and more abstract use of ammunition that reflects the fast, furious fun that the game is based on.

The volume of ammunition a weapon has is determined by the weapon type.

Volume Capacity Types
Low 1 Revolvers, Shotguns
Medium 2 Automatic pistols, Rifles
High 3 Sub-machine Guns, Assault Rifles
Very High 4 Machine Guns

Next, the type of action preformed determines the chance of the capacity depleting. The attacker makes a shooting roll, and if the natural result of the roll is at or below the indicated number, the attacker will reduce his capacity by one, after the resolution of the the attack.

Attack Type Roll Result Notes
Single Shot 1
Double Tap 1-2
Three-Round burst 1-3
Auto Fire 1-3 Capacity is reduced per individual die roll
Suppressive Fire - Automatically reduces capacity by 1

Purchasing Ammunition is no longer done by the ‘box’ While that method may seem more realistic, it is easier to relate ammunition to magazines. Simply take the base cost of the caliber of ammunition you need for your weapon, and multiply it by the capacity needed to fill the magazine. The cost of the ammunition includes the magazine.

Light 25 50 MIL 40 75 75 40 50 40 40 250 50 75 Pistols, Sub-Machine guns
Medium 50 100 MIL 80 150 750 80 100 80 80 500 100 150 Rifles
Large 75 150 MIL 120 225 225 120 150 120 120 750 150 225 Heavy Weapons, Large Pistols
Ammo Type Notes
AP – Armor Piercing +2 AP, -1 dmg vs. unarmored
APDS – Armor-Piercing Discarding Sabot +3 AP, Military only
BR – Breaching +4 dmg vs inanimate objects, ranges are halved
DC – Dual Core +1 AP
EX – Explosive SBT Agility check around the target or shaken
FL – Flechette +4 damage vs unarmored, +2 armor value if armored, No AP
FR – Frangible +2 damage vs unarmored, +1 armor value if armored, No AP, -1 die type vs inanimate objects
HP – Hollow Point +2 damage vs unarmored
Non – Non-Lethal Fatigue damage, +2 armor value if armored
PAP – Penetrator AP Heavy weapon, reduces damage die, +50% weapon AP
Sub – Subsonic -2 to opponent’s Notice (Listen) check to identify shooter, -1 damage per die rolled
TR – Tracer Reduce autofire penalty by 1, Chance to catch fire

The Suppressive fire option will automatically reduce the capacity of ammo when used by 1. However, the weapon’s overall capacity determines the template size that is covered. This allows weapons with a naturally higher volume to cover a larger area, given that it is firing a larger volume of rounds.

Volume Suppressive Fire template
Low/Med Small-burst Template
High Medium-burst Template
Very High Large-burst template

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Combat-Ammunition Use

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