Wild Cards – Your hero (a player character), and unique allies, villains, and monsters are collectively called “Wild Cards.” These beings have a little better chance at doing things, are a little tougher to put down, and are generally more detailed than common guards, minions, or lackeys—collectively called “Extras.”

  • Wild Cards are incapacitated once they receive four wounds.
  • Wild Cards receive three bennies per session.
  • Wild Cards always roll a Wild Die along with their Trait die when making tests and take the better of the two.

Elite (Lieutenant, Mini-Boss, Ally, Right Hand) – Elites are advanced extras meaning they are more powerful than the standard extra, but not quite a wild card.

  • Elites are incapacitated once they receive three wounds.
  • Elites receive one bennie per session.
  • Elites never roll a Wild Die.

Companions (Thug, Dire Foe, Metas, Sergeant, Henchmen) – Companions are slightly more powerful lackeys, They are generally a tougher version of an extra.

  • Companions are incapacitated once they receive two wounds.
  • Companions receive no bennies.
  • Companions never roll a Wild Die.

Extra (Mook, Peon, Lackey, Red Shirt, Grunt) – Extras are expendable cannon fodder. They are intended to add challenge to scenarios, but not be a serious threat.

  • Extras are incapacitated once they receive one wound.
  • Extras receive no bennies.
  • Extras never roll a Wild Die.

Minion – Minions are the weakest foes. They pose minor threat and are easily dispatched.

  • Minions are incapacitated once they become shaken.
  • Minions receive no bennies.
  • Minions never roll a Wild Die.
Character Type Wounds Bennies Wild Die
Wild Card 4 3 Yes
Elite 3 1 No
Companion 2 0 No
Extra 1 0 No
Minion 0 0 No
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