Tag: Team


  • Death and Honor

    A grim & gritty gladiatorial campaign, featuring diverse combat forms, not necessarily traditional with just Roman gladiators. Characters operate a ludus of gladiators that they involve it a tournament, controlling several different characters, while …

  • Galactic Privateers

    A far future science fiction campaign where mankind has spread to colonize many solar systems throughout the galaxy. The party are salvagers or explorers that delve into deep space beyond the known and charted systems for profit. Based on Star Wars/Star …

  • HH_Cyberbowl League

    A variant to the Battle Arena, players compete in a more formalized corporate sponsored team sport. Post seasons, trading, divisional tiers & ladders, free agency all add to the drama of the sport. Influenced by Warhammer's Blood Bowl, Battle Angel's …

  • GP_Freelancers

    Mercenaries, criminals any work for a corporate/government entity. Tasked missions to work off their debt, regardless of their moral opinions? Influenced by Killjoys, Dark Matter. Return to [[Campaign Settings | Campaign Settings]].