Tag: Localized


  • AoL_Crossroads

    Individually known as Stormhaven & Winterport, two neighboring immense, coastal trading cities, overlapped into one large melting pot of societies. An environment where everyone is looking for their opportunity to improve their status, regardless of the …

  • AoH_Dawn Patrol

    A low-powered campaign where costumed crime-fighting vigilantes defend the innocent from criminals who would prey on them. Based on Batman, Punisher, Daredevil, Arrow & Kick Ass. Return to [[Campaign Settings | Campaign Settings]].

  • Utopian Knights

    A modern campaign, set in the claustrophobic streets and alleys of Utopia City, a crime-infested and decadent & corrupt metropolitan city. Based on Sin City, Batman's Gotham City and other crime/detective stories. Return to [[Campaign Settings | …

  • UK_Darkside

    An altruistic and diverse group that works for an unknown benefactor to take on criminals who are beyond the reach of the law. Leverage, Burn Notice, A-Team, Charlie's Angels & Human Target. Return to [[Campaign Settings | Campaign Settings]].