Tag: Bennies


  • Bennie-double-aces

    A Bennie may be earned by any Wild Card when they ace their Trait Die and Wild Die in the same roll. They do not gain multiple bennies for accomplishing this a second time in the same action. The bennie can only be earned once per round, regardless of …

  • Bennie-critical_failure

    A Bennie may be used to negate the effects of a Critical Failure. Using the bennie does not allow a reroll as a normal use of a bennie would, it just treats the result of the check as a standard failure. Return to [[Rules-Bennies | Bennies]]

  • Bennie-additional-initiative

    With this option, a character can use a bennie to gain an additional draw during initiative. He is then able to go on both his initiative cards as independent actions when they occur within the round. Return to [[Rules-Bennies | Bennies]]

  • Bennie-Contribution

    Bennies may be rewarded for game contributions. This is largely done with participation 'off the table' and between sessions, but one additional bennie may be awarded upon the beginning of the next session, if applicable, at the GM's discretion. …

  • Bennie-Jokers_wild

    This is a great rule to add to your game if you’re the kind of Game Master who’s a little stingy in awarding Bennies. It slightly ups the heroics and is a lot of fun for the group. When a player character draws a Joker during combat, he receives his …