Smorgie’s Shared Universe

A collection of campaign settings and optional rules that fit into a modular gaming system. Designed for use in the Savage Worlds system, but intended for the campaign settings to be easily adaptable to any other ruleset.

The idea is that gamers usually want either established settings or take rules from an existing setting to incorporate into their custom campaign. Some gamers like both, but it seems that more often than not, one is desired over the other. Usually, parts of a campaign setting rule book is preferred over the entirety. Additionally, campaign rules tend to be too specific or proprietary to a setting, making any sort of integration, adaption or modification difficult to use without complications. Finally, many campaign settings are quite well-developed, leaving little to no room to customize. Not to suggest that too much detail is a bad thing, but it creates problems if the gamers want to adapt or modify portions of it to their setting.

Shared Universe

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